Is it possible that my generation goes through mid-life crises way earlier than expected?

Im only 23 yrs old and I’m pretty damn sure I went through a quarter life crisis about 4 months ago. Granted, I had just moved to L.A., was living off what little savings I had left and going through culture shock after living/working in a 3rd world country for the past year. But still, im pretty sure it happened.

The amazing thing is I realized many of the people I knew, all in their mid or late 20s, have had very similar freak-outs. This is not your typical post-grad, welcome-to-the-real-world type of freak out. Oh no, this was an actual crisis.

Symptoms of a Mid-life Crisis as defined by Wikipedia (Yep, they’ve got a listing for everything)…

“A period of dramatic self-doubt that is felt by some individuals in the , as a result of sensing the passing of their own youth and the imminence of their old age.”

Yes. This is EXACTLY what I went through….except in my “early years or early age of life.”

Example: Self-doubt – what am I doing in L.A.? Is my passion to help others worth not being able to support myself? Am I really making a difference? Does ANYONE truly get me? What do I really want in my life? Where did I lose my balance?

Example: Passing of their own youth – what happened to me? I used to go out 3 or 4 times a week -no-DURING the week days! and now I work 14+ hour days, stay in on Fridays and go to bed at 10 on the weekdays/weekends…if I’m lucky. I’m an old woman. I am an old woman trapped in a little, exhausted, cant-handle-her alcohol-or-late-night-movies body. (Looking at pictures on facebook of friends in L.A. dressed in cute clothes out at a nightclub) –> See that should be me!

As time goes by it seems like each generation experiences everything at a much earlier age than its predecessor- alcohol, sex, drugs, love, heartbreak, – why should it be any different that we would experience a crisis of self-identification sooner as well?

Our generation has been catapulted into living “life in the fast lane” and as a result expectations have risen and realities distorted.  No wonder we are experiencing these quarter-life crises, we are trying to become someone that makes a difference in a society that glorifies materialism and youth – you’re no longer ok just having one or the other.

Everyone wants to make a difference but MY generation wants to make a difference sooner AND make money quicker AND retire earlier so that they can enjoy the fruits of their labour with a family to settle down with. We want it all.

Can we have it all?

My dad always tell me that the key to happiness in life is balance. If you pick one thing over another (money over family, going out over going to work) that’s when we start to lose our balance and lose our happiness.

So in reality, we probably cant have all those things unless we’re just damn lucky. However, we can have a good balance of each that will keep us happy throughout our lives.

Until we reach our mid-life crisis anyways.