I currently live in Silverlake, a neighborhood notoriously known for housing all the hipsters of LA. I love it.

I love it because when I sit down at my dining room table I can see the Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory, nuzzled in the beautiful Hollywood hills. I love it because I see the entire DT skyline from my front porch. I love it because there is always available parking and no street cleaning on my street.

But mostly I love it because living in Silverlake has provided me with endless opportunities to observe hipsters.

Now, as an Austin-native this particular culture does not come as a shock to me as we have our own hipster community. Yet, I can hands down say that the hipsters here, the “ORIGINAL” hipsters, are a breed of their own.

I should warn you, this post is NOT one of the many blogs/websites/threads out there verbally bashing the hipster way of life. Oh no, you see I secretly have a love for hipsters and here is why….


1. When I look at a hipster I am immediately intrigued to know what they do with their life and at times even find myself making up stories for them.

This stems from the fact that I once saw the same group of hipsters at a coffee shop three days in a row while working from home. These guys clearly had tons of money yet,  NO job. We are in LA so I wouldnt put it past them to be trust-fund babies, but imagining that they have some obscure job like an organic flavorist provides me entertainment for hours. Its true that most “counterculture jobs” for hipsters falls under the realm of coffee barista or graphic designer but I prefer not to generalize.

2. Their clothing attire fascinates me, be it good or bad. 

I appreciate the “fuck it I wear what I want” attitude. Now of course, because all hipsters follow this same idea when dressing, the result is that they all end up looking the same which then counters their whole outlook on life… but still, their resiliance is admirable. Furthermore, this desperate attempt to look completely different often makes for the most interesting outfits, which then makes me want to praise them for their confidence in wearing such things.

Mad props to you girl with the cut off ass shorts, tights, red flannel cardigan, fedora, AND purple sparkly platform shoes. You go girl, I know I couldn’t do it.

3.  In reality, hipsters and I share a lot of the same interests.

I love art, music, guitars, skinny jeans, photography, indie film, fresh fruits and vegetables, coffee, big sunglasses…I mean the list is endless. I once was even told that I am  anything but mundane” – that’s gotta be the hipster’s mantra, right?

4. Hipsters are really nice.

People just assume hipsters are rude because they are shy and at times socially awkward, but in my experience this has never been the case.

Ex: After leaving an outdoor concert one evening, my friends and I got to the car and realized that we had a flat tire. As the only male in the group attempted to change his first flat tire (unsuccesfully I might add), two hipster teenagers walked by with skateboards in tow. Instead of continuing on – like the 27 cars that drove by us without stopping – they stopped and asked if we needed help.

Before I knew it these two scrawny teenage hipsters, who couldnt of been more than 13, succesfully and QUICKLY changed our flat tire. One of them was a girl.

5. Hipsters are smarter and more interesting than the plastic, Hollywood wannabes that surround LA and that’s the truth.

I celebrate any interaction I have with someone in LA if no name-dropping or career boasting occurs. Hipsters dont do this simply because they dont give a shit and neither do I. Their inability to conform to what’s “mainstream” to me, just means that I can carry out a conversation with them. Though their philosophic nature at time tends to be a little….skewed… I would find more pleasure picking their brains than talking about Kim Kardashian’s meaningless relationships.